FEPS Teaching Physiology Symposium


Date: 26 August, 2015
Time: 13:30 – 17:00
Venue: New Pharmaceutical and Health Technology Centre
Organizers: Ger J. van der Vusse and Andries J. Gilde
Speakers Topics
Andries Gilde
Maastricht University, The Netherlands
Introduction: Blended Learning in Teaching Physiology
Michael J. Mulvany
Aarhus University, Denmark
Common understanding of PhD training: the ORPHEUS experience
Koen Reesink
Maastricht University, The Netherlands
Maastricht approach for teaching circulatory physiology: enabling role of computer simulations in instruction and self-learning
Jana Kivastik
University of Tartu, Estonia
Teaching physiology to medical students in Estonia: has this task become easier in last three decades?
Linas Leonas
Lithuanian University of Health Sciences
Preclinical sciences in the light of curriculum innovation and PBL introduction in LUHS Faculty of Medicine: where are we now?